Master Plus

Instruction manual
Instruction manual
Instruction manual
■ More compact is much better.
・Excellent porcelain results can be created by KDF heat technology and know-how and also can be compatible with the compact body size.
・Precise even muffle heat distribution will not busy any warping in baking degassing process.
・Compact Size:L260×W311×H431mm,15.2kg

■ Easy Operation Panel with LCD
・The easy viewable LCD gives you friendly operation and programming work.

Achieve beautiful firing

Achieve beautiful firing

smart design

Model Master Plus
Power requirement AC220-230V±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1350VA max.
Overall dimensions 260(W)×432(H)×312(D) mm
Weight 15.2kg
Environment for setup Indoor use
Room Temperature 10~40℃
Humidity 30~90%RH no condensing
Altitude max. 2000m
Pollution Degree 2
Over voltage Category Ⅱ
Max. muffle temperature 1200℃
Inner muffle size φ93×62mm
Programs storable Auto. 500 courses, Manual 1 course
Safety Function Cooling fan, Abnormal temperature monitoring
circuit, 8 abnormal operation detection apparatuses
Option Oil vacuum pump, Dry vacuum pump
Accessories Firing Stand :1pc
Firing Tray Set :1set
Ceramic Tray Stand :1pc
Ceramic Tray :1pc
SD Card :1pc
Instruction Manual :1booklet

Uses: ption DRY VACUUM PUMP DDP-40

Model DDP-40
Power requirement TYPE:AC120V 60Hz Max.300VA TYPE:AC220-230V 50/60Hz Max.322VA
Overall dimensions・weight 161(W)×189(H)×279(D)mm. 7.7kg 165(W)×189(H)×279(D)mm. 7.8kg
Max. air pressure 1.2kPa
Exhaust speed 40 L/min.
Ambient temp. 7~40℃
Accessory Pump hose φ6×φ12 2m
Continuous running time Less than 15min.
Operation cease time 20min. Over

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