Neo Super Cascom

KDF Clean, Easy-to-use Unfailing Casting Machine

Instruction manual
Instruction manual
Drastically long life ceramic heater built-in. Provides you with environments gentle to dental workshops and technical practices without overheating in alloy melting. Max.Melting temperature and Max.alloy quantity:1530℃ and 150g.
Capable of casting the wide ranges of alloys from silver alloys to Co-Cr alloys.
Model Neo Super Cascom
Overall dimension.W.T 504(W)×530(H)×504(D)mm 49kg
Power requirement Single phase 120, 220V, 230V 50/60Hz Max.1.5kVA
Vac.pump output Single phase 120, 220V,230V・0.3kVA
Melting Heatup of ceramic heating element
Casting Chamber invertible,vacuum and Pressure
Pressure Air or Argon Gas(Auto shift)
Pressurized air 0.5MPa~1.0MPa
Argon Gas Pressure 0.7MPa~0.8MPa
Max. temperature 1530℃
Max.melting capacity alloy 150g、Co-Cr 40g
Available Casting rings φ34~φ90 40~70(H)mm