Neo Super Cascom

The Neo Super Cascom features a specialized spiral ceramic heater element which precisely melts the alloy at desired temperatures. Such precision heating eliminates overheating of the alloy and therefore minimizes porosity. A vacuum and pressure casting method is utilized which results in razor sharp margins and extremely dense casts.

Discover for yourself the simple and worry free casting process of the Neo Super Cascom in the Product demonstration video below. If you can operate a microwave oven, you can produce casting with high quality, dense and razor sharp margins with ease using the Neo Super Cascom.

Drastically long life ceramic heater built-in. Provides you with environments gentle to dental workshops and technical practices without overheating in alloy melting. Max.Melting temperature and Max.alloy quantity:1530℃ and 150g.
Capable of casting the wide ranges of alloys from silver alloys to Co-Cr alloys.
Model Neo Super Cascom
Overall dimension.W.T 504(W)×530(H)×504(D)mm 49kg
Power requirement Single phase 120, 220V, 230V 50/60Hz Max.1.5kVA
Vac.pump output Single phase 120, 220V,230V・0.3kVA
Melting Heatup of ceramic heating element
Casting Chamber invertible,vacuum and Pressure
Pressure Air or Argon Gas(Auto shift)
Pressurized air 0.5MPa~1.0MPa
Argon Gas Pressure 0.7MPa~0.8MPa
Max. temperature 1530℃
Max.melting capacity alloy 150g、Co-Cr 40g
Available Casting rings φ34~φ90 40~70(H)mm

Uses: option DRY VACUUM PUMP DDP-40

Model DDP-40
Power requirement TYPE:AC120V 60Hz Max.300VA TYPE:AC220-230V 50/60Hz Max.322VA
Overall dimensions・weight 161(W)×189(H)×279(D)mm. 7.7kg 165(W)×189(H)×279(D)mm. 7.8kg
Max. air pressure 1.2kPa
Exhaust speed 40 L/min.
Ambient temp. 7~40℃
Accessory Pump hose φ6×φ12 2m
Continuous running time Less than 15min.
Operation cease time 20min. Over

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