Cascom SE

KDF’s newly developed Cascom SE casting machine features high-frequency induction heating of an alloy and vacuum and pressure casting. Cascom SE does not use flame during melting process so that the alloy does not absorb gas, and it minimizes porosity. In addition, Cascom SE creates extremely smooth surface with argon gas function, implements super quick casting process and is capable of casting various types of alloy such as precious, semi-precious, and non-precious. It is user-friendly and very simple to operate. Cascom SE is authentically manufactured in Japan.

■ Excellent castability
This new induction heating unit enables to translating to porosity-free dence casting, because melting
alloy is not by gas flame and never absorbs any gas. Chamber inverting casting method has no possibility
of involving oxidation film. In addition, the pressure 0.45MPa by vacuum and pressure is sufficiently
powerful compared to centrifugal casting 0.1MPa. Also,the maintaining pressure prevents shrinkage cavity
and enables to create any intricate casting results.

■ Various casting
Available at casting various cases such as Inlay, Crown, Implant framework and Denture.Usable alloy for
dental use is Precious~ Non-Precious except Titanium alloy.

■ Operation panel
The buttons are placed for the flow of casting.


Standard chiller:HPC-20


Model Cascom SE
Power requirement Single phase AC220V-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 3.5kVA
Overall dimension 560(W)×490(H)×490(D)mm
Output frequency 30–50Hz
Weight 42kg
Environment for set up Temp.10–40℃, Humidity  30–90%Rh  (not condensing)
Cooling System Optional chiller or Direct connect water
Melting time Within 3 min. for 60g of Co-Cr Alloy.
Casting method Chamber inverting Vacuum and Pressure Casting. (Automatic)
Pressure Air or Argon gas  (0.35MPa)
Compressed Air or Argon Air 0.5 – 1.0MPa, Argon gas 0.5 – 0.8 MPa
Alloy melting quantity Co-Cr  10-60g, Gold  10-120g but  less than 10cc.
Castable Alloy
Silver, Gold, Ceramic fused bonding alloy
(Precious, Semi-Precious, Non-Precious)  except Titanium alloy
Number of continuous casting
Standard chiller 5-10 times depends on heating time.
Adding on Additional chiller:Available at continuous casting
Water pipe direct connecting:Available at continuous casting
Type of crucibles
Ceramic crucible, Carbon crucible
Crucible inner size
Around φ25×40mm
Parameter for casting
L (-40kPa)
M (-70kPa)
H (Continuous)
Pressure timing
1 (0.5 sec.)
2 (0.7 sec.)
3 (0.9 sec.)
Induction power at each stage (Stand by, Retention, Final) : Tuneable (0-99%)