Adoption of LED lamp makes possible long-life, energy reduction and high accuracy prosthesis

LED Cure Master is the dental photocuring equipped with LED lamp.

■ In comparison with general halogen lamp photocuring, power consumption is one fifth and life is more than ten times.
  Due to temperature rise in the curing room is low, heat influence in curing room to the prosthesis is few.
■ Each surround wall is 10pcs of LED built-in.
■ Even radiation and uniform curing by table rotation.Free curing time programmable in 4 course.

LED Ⅼamp

Internal LED irradiation states

Model LED CURE Master(DLC-2000)
Power Requirement AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 160VA at AC100V
Overall Dimension 210(W)×225(H)×223(D)mm
Furnace Dimensions 135(W)×77(H)×135(D)mm
Weight  5.4kg
Number of table rotations 10r/min(60Hz)、8.3r/min(50Hz)
Radiation medium LED Lamp
Radiation wavelength 375~495nm