Zircom Speed

Zircom Sintering Furnace delivers delicacy and beauty to your zirconia. It features molybdenum disilicide heater that provides clean, reliable, and consistent results.
NEW ZIRCOM SPEED Sintering Furnace

Compact design which can sinter up to 50 single crowns.

■ Achieves speed sintering in the shortest 90 minutes
■ The firing schedule of major companies' zirconia discs has been registered as standard.
■ A program with 20 steps that can be applied to any material
Model Zircom Speed
Power Requirement 220-240V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.5kVA
Inner Muffle Size Φ90×80(H)mm
Overall Dimensions 300(W)×640(H)×450(D) mm
Weight 29kg
Temperature sensor JIS R Thermocouple
Environment for use Indoor use Room Temperature 10~40℃ Humidity 30~90%RH no condensing Altitude: 2000 meter and under Pollution Degree 2 Over voltage Category Ⅱ
Maximum Temperature 1600℃
Program Memory Capacity 100 programs
Safety Function Cooling Fan, Abnormal temperature monitoring circuit, 10 abnormal operation detection apparatuses
Accessories Quick Firing Stand :1pc Setter for High-Speed Sintering :2pcs Quick Firing Tray S :3pcs Quick Firing Tray Stand :1pc Firing Tray for High-Speed Sintering :2pcs Quick Firing Cover :1pc Firing Plate H :2pcs Firing Beads :1bottle Conversion plug :1pc SD Card :1pc Instruction Manual :1booklet