Porcelain fused metal (Co-Cr)

Uses: Suitable for all porcelain COBALT BOND

Co Cr W Other
Cobalt Chromium Tungsten (Mo,Ga,Si,Mn,Al)
59.3 25.3 6.4 9.0
Proof Stress(MPa) 570±50
Vickers Hardness(HV) 350
Specific Gravity 8.6
Liquid point(℃) 1375±10
Solid point(℃) 1325±10
Elongation(%) 3~6
Thermal Expansion
Suitable for:Unibond Vintage; Vintage Halo, Super Porcelain AAA, Zeoce Light, Vita M33

■ Porcelain-metal bond Co-Cr alloy has excellent corrosion resistance due to the
  well- balanced proportions of W and Mo.
■ Superior performance on casting.
■ Higher biocompatibility due to Ni-free composition.
■ Suitable for any porcelain.
■ Wide range of applications due to high coefficient of elasticity.

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