Porcelain fused metal (Ni-Cr)

Uses: Suitable for all porcelain COLLON BIUM TYPEⅡ

Ni Cr Mo SiCr Other
Nickel Chromium Molybdenum (Mg,Ti,Ga)
60.2 24.0 9.1 5.0 1.7
Tensile Strength(MPa) 425±50
Vickers Hardness(HV) 300
Specific Gravity 8.0
Liquidus Point(℃) 1250
Elongation(%) 3
Thermal Expansion (K-1)(50~500℃) 14.1×10-6
Good for:Suitable for Unibond Vintage and Vintage Halo from SHOFU, Super Porcelain AAA from Noritake, and Zeoce Light from Yamakin

■ Vacuum manufacturing significantly eliminates bubbling and cracking of prcelain.
■ A special metal compound strongly bonds the oxide film to the casting.

Uses: Crown,Inlay,Bridge HI-CHROM SOFT-7

Ni Cu Cr Sn Other
Nickel Copper Chromium Stannum (Si,Fe,Ca,Mn,C,Al)
73.5 12.5 5.0 5.0 4.0
Proof Stress(MPa) 405±50
Vickers Hardness(HV) 288
Specific Gravity 8.3±0.3
Liquidus Point(℃) 1250±10
Elongation(%) 5±2
■ Gypsum investment is recommended for casting.
■ Economical due to repeated usage.
■ Easy grinding and polishing result in a pleasing platinum color.
■ Easy gold soldering.

Uses: Clasp,Bar HI LIUM-Ⅲ

Ni Cr Mn Nb Other
Nickel Chromium Manganese Niobium (Mo,Al,Cu,Co,Si)
63.9 15.1 5.0 5.0 11.0
Proof Stress(MPa) 700±50
Vickers Hardness(HV) 350
Specific Gravity 8.1±0.3
Liquidus Point(℃) 1285±10
Elongation(%) 8±4
■ Gypsum investment is recommended for casting.
■ Alloys with high resiliency will not cause transformation during polishing.
■ Good luster is obtained because of the ease of grinding and polishing.
■ Economical due to repeated usage.
■ Easy gold soldering.

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