DentalCAD 3.0 Galway

Automatic anatomical morphing

With the new features in 3.0, automated suggestions help you reach your design goals faster than ever before.
The anatomy is adjusted in real time as the teeth move, significantly shortening the design process.

Flexible, fast, full-featuredPowerful CAD solution for
dental laboratories

Integration, creation, production

Exocad is a powerful software solution specifically designed for the lab.
From easy mass production to complex customized solutions,
everything Corresponds to things.

Included in basic software
Wide range of applications and features

  • Full crown
  • Cutback / offset coping
  • Attachment
  • Bridge
  • Inlay / Onlay
  • Veneer
  • Wax up
  • Telescope crown

Options with numerous
add-on modules

  • Virtual articulator module

    Simulate jaw movements and analyze dynamic occlusion.

  • Implant module

    Design abutments and screw-fixed bridges.

  • Implant bar module

    Advanced bar design for standard and complex bars.

  • Model creator

    Create a physical model from a digital impression scan.

  • Provisional module

    Creates a semi-glossy temporary crown based on a preoperative scan.

  • Partial CAD


  • Full denture module

    Digital design of full dentures.

  • Byte Sprint Module

    Design night guards, bite sprints, and simple equipment.

  • Smile Creator

    Next Generation Smile Design: Best 2D and 3D.

  • Truth Smile Module

    Draws prostheses more beautifully and more realistically.

  • DICOM Viewer

    Visualize and leverage 3D voxel data from CT during the design process.

  • Joe Motion Import

    Import jaw measurements from your device.

  • Tooth library

    A rich library of beautiful and natural teeth.

Implant moduleImplant-based
prosthesis design

You can design screw-fixed crowns, as well as custom abutments.
It also supports angled screw channels.

Implant moduleAdvanced implant bar design

You can design a dental bar that can handle complex cases and provide maximum comfort to the patient.

Model creatorCreate a model for 3D printer from digital impression scan

You can make a model from creating the data of the intraoral scanner.

Vertical CADDesigning a
framework for partial dentures

Design frameworks for clasps and dresses.
Blockouts are automatically added with a single click, streamlining the production of maintenance devices for 3D printers and milling machines.

  • Byte Sprint ModuleNight guard, personal tray design

    You can design high-quality sprints and trays with few steps.
    For maximum effect, it is recommended to use with the virtual articulator module.

  • Provisional moduleCreate a temporary crown and bridge from a preoperative model

    Prior to the patient's visit, we will utilize advanced geometric processing technology (to utilize the temporary crown and bridge).

  • Full denture moduleFull denture digital design

    Guided workflows are provided to create aesthetically pleasing full dentures.
    Make the most of the digital revolution in denture production.

  • Truth Smile ModuleDepict prostheses more beautifully and more realistically

    Reflects realistic color tones as shown in the photo on the CAD design screen.

    Natural Colors
    Choose from standard single-tooth color presets and adjust to a realistic preview of the results.

  • Virtual articulatorSimulate jaw movement and perform dynamic occlusal adjustment

    Various types of articulators can be used in combination with automatic articulator adjustment.

  • Joe Motion ImportImport jaw measurements from your device

    The Jaw Motion Import module allows you to import jaw movement registration data from an external device such as Zebris' JMA system.

  • DICOM ViewerVisualize and utilize 3D voxel data from CT during the design process

  • Smile creatorCombining photographs, contours, and
    3D models for aesthetic prosthetic treatment

    The best foundation for prosthetic execution
    Smile With Creator, you can get a realistic 3D tooth setup. This is the perfect foundation for then implementing subsequent prostheses with Dental CAD and planning implants with exoplan. exocad Model With Creator, you can realize a digital wax-up model.

    Used in combination with the Truth Smile module.

  • Tooth LibraryFurther strengthen your beautiful and natural tooth library

    Comprehensive Content
    The ZRS Library contains tooth shapes based on the "Anteriores" collection by Dr. Jan Hajtó.

    Full-color hardcopy, posters and models are provided by third parties for each set of crowns to support technicians using the library.

Installation cost

Exocad basic software


Exocad add-on module

Crown Lab Dongle combines basic software with four add-on modules
It is a great value original package.

Lab dongle
Lab dongle
exocad Basic software 600,000円 Contact Contact
exocad Virtual articulator module 80,000円
exocad Provisional module 80,000円
exocad Truth Smile Module 80,000円
exocad Tooth library 70,000円
exocad Implant module 140,000円 Add-on
exocad Implant bar module 210,000円 Add-on
exocad DICOM viewer 70,000円 Add-on
exocad Model creator 260,000円 Add-on
exocad Smile creator 180,000円 Add-on
exocad Full denture module 270,000円 Add-on
exocad Partial CAD 270,000円 Add-on
exocad Byte Sprint Module 180,000円 Add-on
exocad Joe Motion Import 100,000円 Add-on

Exocad standalone

Finally appeared, the initial introduction cost was suppressed
Licensed version exocad

Standalone is an annual licensed dongle with low initial installation costs.

Installation cost Annual license
Exocad standalone Dental DB dongle Contact Contact
Exocad standalone Partial CAD Contact Contact
Exocad standalone Full denture Contact Contact
Exocad standalone Model creator Contact Contact
Exocad standalone Model Creator with Implant Analog Contact Contact
Exocad standalone Byte Sprint Module with Virtual Articulator Contact Contact

※If you want to use only partial CAD with exocad stand-alone, you need stand-alone Dental DB dongle + stand-alone partial CAD.
※In addition to the initial installation fee, a license fee (automatic renewal) is required from the second year onward.

Standalone Module Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to suspend and reunite the license?
Monthly suspension (refund) is not possible, but suspension and resumption are possible.
Please tell me the specifications of your computer.
"Our PC has a 3 and a half year warranty, core-i7 memory 16GB, HDD 1TB, and graphic board 5GB.
A separate high-spec memory 32GB HDD 1TB graphic board 8GB configuration is also available.
[Graphic board is Nvidia. Since the model changes depending on the sales time, we do not answer the model of the graphic board etc.]
In addition, we do not recommend purchasing a computer for customers due to compatibility issues.

Fast, reliable and easy
data transfer is freeNo pre-transfer fees * or commissions required

Not only "upload to the laboratory", but also multi-directional digital data transfer that connects dentists, dental technicians, and milling centers.

You can replace or modify the design, make a pre-manufacturing review, and more.

Exocad webview

Exocad design
now available on any device

Compatibility with intraoral scanner

DentalCAD 3.0 Galway